I love Burns and Smithers from The Simpsons so I want to share this songfic with you
Smithers/Burns songfic oneshot
(song: Bokutachi wa tenshi datta – we were angels – dragon ball z)

Charles Montgomery Burns was sitting in his living room in front of the fireplace. The fire was burning, warming and illuminating his face while he was lost in thoughts. In the background, his old beloved radio was playing.

Angel, angel, angel
Angel, angel, angel

Buried and drowned in time
All that’s left are memories
Just as you remember too
We used to be angels then

Today, it’s been 40 years since you sacrificed your life to save Springfield from a nuclear meltdown, Waylon Smithers Sr. Since then, I’ve been missing you each day, my darling friend. You were my confidant, the power plant’s vice president and most important of all, my lover, even though only my secret lover. Even though you are in heaven, do you remember too how happy our lives were back then?

Spreading the words from the highest of heavens
Of love and of happiness
dropping seeds of peace to take away the pain and loneliness

Why, tell me why blue sky
When I look at you, that’s right
I feel the power of our souls, hear me call

Like in all the other years before, I visited your grave. I brought you a bunch of your favourite flowers, white lilies. Whenever I stand in front of your tomb which I secretly installed in the Burns family grave, I feel depressed but grateful at the same time. I can’t thank you enough for sacrificing your life to save the ones of Springfield’s inhabitants.
I can hear your words from above which always give me hope and confidence to believe in a better future. When I look at the blue sky, it’s as if I could see your smiling face and hear your soft whispered words. I want to talk to you, but I can’t do that in public, so I’m doing it now, in the comfortable privacy of my living room, in which we spent so much time together.

To my friends,
We may have lost our wings with which we flew up so high
But now, even now, I can feel your true mystical tide
To my friends,
Embracing the light and building hopes for the truth and our dreams
Listen, one day you’ll find what you’ve been searching for in your life

When I held your dead body in my arms, it broke my heart into pieces. Unfortunately, I had to bury you clandestinely since nobody must know that there was a serious incident at the plant. In that moment I realised that you had left me forever. Spending so much time with me, you gave me wings and made me fly.
How could you just find the courage and sacrifice your life for everybody else?
I will never forget the firm look in your eyes when you laid your infant son into my arms and made me promise to take care of him. I tried my humble best. I paid for his education and saved him from his abusive stepfather. He spent a great part of his childhood with me. We used to play chess and when he was an adolescent, I taught him to dance. I must admit, I liked being with little Waylon. He was such a nice and well-behaved child. When he went to college, we lost track of each other.
A few years later, I was looking for a new personal assistant. There must have been a good hundred applicants, but nobody was suitable to assume this important and demanding position. Suddenly, the door to my office opened and a handsome young man entered. It was like seeing a ghost from the past. The man looked exactly like you! I was shocked to the core and my heart pounded painfully in my chest. I whispered softly “Waylon” and had to hold on my desk in order to be able to stand. The man approached and stopped in front of my desk.
“Good day, Mr. Burns. My name is Waylon Smithers. I am applying for the position of your personal assistant.”
“Waylon Smithers…” I was still frightened and couldn’t utter a meaningful sentence.
“Sir, you might remember my father, Waylon Smithers senior, who worked here as your assistant until some 20 years ago. And you may remember me since I spent a great deal of time with you when I was a child. Sir, I would be genuinely grateful if you considered to accept my application.”
His explanations brought me back to my senses. Of course he wasn’t my dead lover who was mysteriously brought to live, no, he was his son, who I am supposed to take care of, even if he’s an adult now. “Ah, well, of course I remember your father. He was an excellent employee. And I can remember you, Waylon, even if it’s a long time since we’ve seen each other. I am willing to employ you temporarily and if you are worthy of the position, there shall be no obstacle to offer you a permanent contract. It seems today is your lucky day. You will start working for me this instant. Smithers, bring me a cup of coffee and I will show you around the plant and explain my filing system to you. Hurry up, time is money.”

Unsurprisingly, Smithers did well in his job so I offered him a permanent contract after only two weeks. He’s been working for me since then. As time went by, our relationship evolved from a boss - assistant relationship to a deep friendship. Your son was always at my side, only spending the nights in his own flat. But sometimes he would even stay overnight at the manor. I never would have thought that I could fall in love again after I lost you, the love of my life, but things don’t always turn out as you expect.

When a tragic occurrence arose, I realised that I had fallen in love with Waylon Smithers jr., my loyal assistant and friend.
It was horrible.
I had decided to stop paying my employees’ medicine. As a result, your son couldn’t afford the pills for his thyroid and collapsed in my office. I panicked. I couldn’t lose another Smithers, that would kill me. While he was lying in his guestroom in the manor, I flew to Canada to smuggle the desperately needed medicine to Springfield. Just in time I arrived with it and gave it to Waylon immediately. But he wouldn’t wake up. So I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and hoped it wasn’t too late.
When I touched his lips with mine, it was like a thunderbolt had struck me. The blood rushed through my veins and my heart pounded as if I had run a marathon. When Smithers opened up his eyes, I was relieved. I apologised for my being selfish.

Some weeks later, I took him out for dinner at “The Gilded Truffle” to celebrate his being alive. We enjoyed a lovely dinner.
With the upcoming love declaration in mind, my nerves were at breaking point. From time to time, my gaze was wandering hectically through the restaurant. My thoughts were in downright turmoil. ‘What if he laughs at me? What if he doesn’t love me? This would be the end of our friendship I highly appreciate. If I lose him as a friend, I couldn’t bear it and my life would be worthless. Without him by my side, I shall not want to live anymore. So should I truly risk what we have got?
But being ruthlessly honest with myself, now that I’m aware of my feelings, I don’t want things to go on like before. I’m so old. I want to have a serious relationship with the man I love. Maybe this is the last chance I will ever get.
Dear God, I know I’m not a decent, upright man, but please, help me to find the courage to tell the man I’ve been in love with for a decade that I love him. And you too, Waylon, my love, please give me your blessing to be with your son.’
Burns’ turmoil didn’t go unnoticed to Waylon. He wondered what thoughts caused his boss and friend the uncomfortable and hectic behaviour he has been witnessing since they entered the restaurant. It was completely unlike Monty to show this kind of routine. The last time he had been this worried was when Homer Simpson had taken over the power plant.

“Mr. Burns…. Monty, what is the matter? I can see there’s something going on on your mind. I haven’t seen you this worried for years. What’s on your mind?”
“Smithers…. Waylon…. You’re the only one who I can’t fool. You are right, there’s something on my mind, but I am not sure if I can find the courage to tell you. I have been thinking about it for weeks but I haven’t decided what to do. It’s a personal matter of great importance to me.”
“Monty, I hope you know you can always trust in me and speak to me about everything.”
“Yes, Waylon, I know that. Thank you for being my loyal and true friend.”
“You’re welcome. I appreciate our friendship like you do.”

The dessert was served. While enjoying his chocolate soufflé, Burns kept debating if he should talk about his feelings or not. ‘To confess or not to confess, that is the question’
Finally, he decided that he wasn’t ready to tell Waylon. After all, tomorrow was another day.

an Edgar/Clyde oneshot in honor of Stella_25's birthday! Happy Birthday Stella_25!
Originally posted by lady_tiko_at at an Edgar/Clyde oneshot in honor of Stella_25's birthday! Happy Birthday Stella_25!
'asdf jklö' = thoughts
The story begins after Edgar's and Clyde's holiday in Delmar. Clyde's living in Edgar's house for ca. 1 year, but has kept his own apartment.

During their drive back to Washington, neither of them spoke a lot. Edgar was concentrated in driving, Clyde listened to the music coming out of the radio and looked out of the window. When they finally arrived at Edgar's house, Clyde carried the luggage into the sleeping room. In the meanwhile, Edgar has gone into the bathroom and started to take a shower. Clyde took a deep breath and made a decision. He absolutely needed to go for a walk and to think about everything that had happened. He wrote "Went for a walk. I'm going to sleep in my apartment tonight. See you tomorrow in the bureau. Clyde" on a piece of paper on Edgar's desk and left the house.
Clyde walked lost in thoughts straight to the Mayflower's hotel. He sat down and ordered' wiskey on the rocks'.
'Marvellous, I've come to the place where all this mess has started; in the restaurant where we've met 2 years ago.' He took a sip. 'I can't go on with him as if he hadn't turned me down in Delmar. Now I know that he doesn't love me. I'm not his property, I can't take it anymore. He's sending me signals but he doesn't care how I feel. I always have to be with him, and when I'm speaking to another man too long, he gets angry. Tomorrow after work, I'm getting my things from his house and move out.'
After another wiskey, Clyde walked into his apartment and went to bed.

*In the meanwhile at Edgar's place*

After enjoying his shower, Edgar stepped into his sleeping room to change his clothes. He put on black trousers and a shimmy. Then he noticed a sheet of paper on his desk. He took and read it. 'Oh, Clyde has left. Why does my heart hurt so much? We've spent the whole weekend together, it's o.k. if he wants some time for himself, at least it should be o.k... After all, we had a fight yesterday. He just needs time and space getting over it. He won't leave me.... he never would do this....' He ignored his beating heart and decided to drinka glass of Scotch on his terrace. Later he went sleeping.


The next day was a usual one. The two men ate breakfast together in Edgar's office, then they did their daily work. As ever, they had lunch and dinner in the Mayflower's.
For Clyde, it was a horrible day. He and Edgar behaved as if nothing had happened in Delmar, they didn't speak of personal things the whole time. Clyde realised that he couldn't spend more time with the man he loved, he had problems to concentrate on his work. So he decided to resign and to visit his friend from George Washington University in New York.
He sat in front of his desk and wrote a notice of cancelation. Clyde signed it, put it in an envelope and entered Edgar's office to talk to his boss for the last time.

"Edgar, do you have a minute? I need to discuss something with you."
"Yes, of course, Clyde. What's the matter?"
Clyde handed Edgar the letter, who read it. His eyes widened in disbelief. His hands trembled and he sweated.
"Clyde, do you really mean it?! That's a joke of you! You can't do this!"
"Yes Edgar, I really mean it. It's the best for me, but also for you. It's impossible for me to work with you; to be with you after the incident in Delmar."
"But Clyde, we're good friends, we're colleagues! You're the vice director! The Bureau needs you!" 'And I need you, I can't be without you!'
"That's the point, Edgar. In your point of view, we're only friends and colleagues. But I love you, I want you as my lover, but I know that you don't love me, and for me it's not possible just being your friend. Please, Edgar, accept my quitting. I need some time away from all this."
'Clyde really wants to get away. He looks powerless, hurted. I should do what's best for him.' Edgar sighed deeply, took his pen and signed Clyde's written notice.
"Thanks for your hard work for the FBI, Clyde. And all the best for your future."
The two shook hands and Clyde left the office, the bureau, Edgar's life.

You absolutely have to watch this!!!
Originally posted by lady_tiko_at at You absolutely have to watch this!!!
It's a documentation about Lady Diana from her engagement to Prince Charles until her death

A great Thank you to MrHowzTrix who uploaded this documentation on youtube

I love Lady Diana, so I want to share this pictures with you!
Originally posted by lady_tiko_at at I love Lady Diana, so I want to share this pictures with you!

All the pictures don't belong to me, I found them in the www

Aren't they cute?!
Originally posted by lady_tiko_at at Aren't they cute?!

I love them! They are such a great couple!

Some pictures I want to share with you!
Tribute to  really great Lady Diana!






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